About Centaur Investments

“Centaur’s unique ability to find a niche in the financial markets is unquestionable..”


L. Rayner

Fund Manager, Dubai

About Centaur Asset Management

Centaur Asset Management is the multi-award winning international asset management and investment advisory division of Centaur, providing investment structuring and management/advisory solutions for individuals, advisors, fund sub-advisory clients, institutions and other divisions, portfolio companies or subsidiaries of the Centaur Group.

Our investment team provides research, investment strategies, due diligence and structuring services and advice, investment advice and ongoing investment management or advisory services with a global mandate. Non prescriptive in relation to sector, geography or market but with a general focus towards companies, projects and/or investment opportunities in the asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources, and agricultural sectors and including the scope of diversified asset classes and uncorrelated investment opportunities.

Centaur Asset Management (“CAM”) is a subsidiary of Centaur Holdings Ltd (“Centaur”), a global investment holding company with interests and investments ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources and agricultural investments.

With our representative office strategically situated in London–UK and our head office located in Bermuda, we are ideally positioned to work across multiple jurisdictions and time zones.

About the Centaur Group

Centaur Holdings Ltd (“Centaur”) is a global investment holding company with interests, portfolio companies and investments in sectors ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources and agricultural investments.

The Centaur Group consists of over 35 portfolio companies and subsidiaries operating under the main divisions as detailed.

The Centaur Group In




Tons of coal reserves


US$1.4 Billion

Estimated Sales Revenue from Centaur Mining Projects



Average number of man hours spent on due diligence before Centaur invests into a project


+23 awards won

as at 2016 for multiple categories and sectors including for best in class investment products and transactions.



of Centaur clients rated the investment returns as “Excellent” from the results of the customer satisfaction survey conducted in August 2015



Operating in 11 different countries



Portfolio offices



Average investment in Centaur Products


  • Best Open – Ended Litigation Fund Manager
  • HedgeFund – Legal Financing Hedge Fund of the Year 2015
  • HedgeFund – Most Innovative Hedge Fund of the Year 2015
  • Centaur Mining – Deal of the Month by Acquisition International in Feb 2015
  • Award for Excellence in Private Equity – Bermuda
  • Best UAE FUND – Phoenix Legal Financing Fund I GBP
  • Best for Bespoke Open & Closed Ended Funds – Bermuda
  • Best in Fund Management – UK
  • Best Open-Ended Litigation Fund Manager
  • Investment/Fund Manager of the Year – Bermuda
  • Legal Financing Hedge Fund of the Year – Bermuda
  • Best Boutique Asset Management Company- UAE


Centaur Customer Satisfaction Video

“Centaur’s unique ability to find a niche in the financial markets is unquestionable but I do believe their greatest strength is their communication skills. I would highly recommend investors give Centaur a try.”

L. Rayner, Fund Manager, Dubai

“It’s not often that you come across a financial services company that takes the time to listen to what you have to say. They have the ability to structure financial products that complement your investment strategy.

I have invested in a capital protected fund and a fixed income product with Centaur.

Centaur is extremely professional, receptive & friendly and helped make my investment much leaner and more responsive. Thank you Centaur.”

M. Aitchison, Global Sales Director, Dubai

“Innovative products, great returns. I invested a 7-figure USD sum into a Centaur fund product in November 2012 and have seen returns of over 24% in roughly 2 years.”

CM, Dubai, Entrepreneur

“I became a Centaur client over 2 years ago whilst living in Dubai and have now relocated to the USA, my investment with Centaur remains my best performing investment and Centaur continues to keep me up to date on my investment and returns on a regular basis.”

CS, Company CEO, USA

“A business partner introduced me to Centaur products in 2012 and I invested a six figure GBP sum with Centaur. I am based in the UK but have visited the Centaur head office in Dubai and would have no reservations recommending Centaur to others.”

S. Bell, Company Director, UK

Selection Process

The selection process of identifying Centaur Group companies and/or projects that require debt or equity financing is managed by Centaur Asset Management Ltd (“CAM”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur. CAM serves as the ‘boutique’ asset management and investment advisory division of the Centaur Group, providing investment solutions for other divisions of the Centaur Group, individuals, advisors, fund sub-advisory clients and institutions.

The CAM investment team provides investment strategies, structuring, advice and ongoing management or advisory services with a specific focus on diversified asset classes and uncorrelated investment opportunities.

CAM’s investment team is driven by intensity, integrity, intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of investment and ethical values. The founding principles work closely on every transaction to share knowledge and experience.

Due Diligence Process

All of Centaur’s 35+ subsidiaries, portfolio companies and/or projects undergo a rigorous due diligence process before the Centaur Group makes any investments or acquires a new company or project.

Before packaging a ‘debt instrument’ or ‘bond’ to raise finance for a specific subsidiary or project, further due diligence is completed in accordance with the requirements of the listing stock exchange and/or any of the bonds service providers and CAM ultimately manage the process of issuing the debt instrument or bond and deploying the proceeds raised to the relevant Centaur Group subsidiary or project.

CGF and/or CAM do not package bonds or raise funds for third parties.

Centaur Investments is a brand name of Centaur Asset Management Ltd ("CAM").

CAM is a Bermuda exempt company, having its registered office address at Cedar House, 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda. CAM is registered under the Bermuda Companies Act 1981.