Bespoke & Private Equity Investments

Bespoke & Private Equity Investments


Bespoke & Private Equity Investments

Centaur has invested heavily to create both our own bond and fund platforms, which allows flexibility when creating bespoke investments for clients. Centaur also has the experience to tailor investments for specific clients either as debt instruments (i.e bonds) or fund type structures dependent upon the client’s individual requirements and the underlying asset class.

Centaur also has the ability to create bespoke and private equity products as ‘direct’ investments. The Centaur bespoke and private equity investment product service is generally only available to investors committing $5m USD and above.

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Key Benefits

Centaur works with clients who meet our minimum investment criteria to help them achieve their financial goals. This could be sector specific, return specific, risk specific, instrument specific or any variance of these or other requirements.

A truly unique opportunity to create tailor made investments for clients

Full support including legal & marketing

Low volatility products available

Bespoke bond investment products

Bespoke fund investment products

Bespoke direct investment products

Sector specific investments

High return investment products can be structured

Fund & bond structuring

Centaur has built proven relationships with some of the world’s largest fund management and administration companies and takes an active role in fund structuring and other investment structures.

We can structure various fund structures, which may be listed or non-listed or structures such as securitization vehicles which may issue ‘bonds’ or ‘notes’ for investments which require ‘debt’ structures from our bond platform. Our management team has experience in multiple types of fund and securitization vehicles including the complexities of different jurisdictions, tax issues and other legal and regulatory issues.

Our in-house legal team works with local counsel in different jurisdictions to make sure all structuring is in compliance with all current legal and regulatory compliance procedures including items such as Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) reporting requirements.

Please contact us if you require further information on our fund or securitization structuring services.

Centaur private equity products

Centaur has 2 private equity companies within the Centaur Group; Centaur Ventures Ltd and Centaur Private Equity Ltd. Centaur Ventures Ltd has a specific focus on investments in the mining and natural resources sectors in South Africa, USA, UK and Australia whilst Centaur Private Equity has a more varied sector focus with investments ranging from agriculture, wealth management, sports and sports management, event management and venture capital.

We can provide tailored asset management solutions for clients who require exposure to private equity investments and who can work closely with our private equity division’s expertise and speed in structuring and executing complex transactions. Our investment team employs a well-disciplined and conservative approach and exercises intensive due diligence on the industries we know best.

Centaur Investments is a brand name of Centaur Asset Management Ltd ("CAM").

CAM is a Bermuda exempt company, having its registered office address at Cedar House, 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda. CAM is registered under the Bermuda Companies Act 1981.