Centaur Natural Resource Bond III

The CNRB III is now closed and no longer accepting subscriptions.

Centaur Natural Resource Bond III

“Every portfolio benefits from bonds; they provide a cushion when the stock market hits a rough patch.”

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The Centaur Natural Resources Bond III

The Centaur Natural Resources Bond III is a ‘bond’ or ‘debt security’ issued by Centaur Group Finance Ltd, acting in respect of its ‘segregated account’ #3 ‘Centaur Natural Resources Bond III’ (the “Issuer”).

The Issuer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur Holdings Ltd (”Centaur”), a global investment holding company with interests in sectors ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources and agricultural investments.

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Investments Highlights

  • Monthly coupon payments
  • Minimum investment from US $20,000 or GBP £20,000
  • US $ and GBP £ denominated options
  • Suitable for ISA, SIPP, SSAS, QROPS, Portfolio Bond and Investment Platforms
  • Investment Advisor actively manages security of the Bond
  • Bond and Investment Platforms
  • Flexibility to choose the term and coupon to suit your investment objective
  • Listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange
  • Fixed Return
  • Zero Volatility
  • Regular income from savings

Term Options

Centaur Bond 3 - 1 Year Term
Centaur Bond 3 - 2 Year Term
Centaur Bond 3 - 3 Year Term
Centaur Bond 3 - 5 Year Term

Investment Security

The Centaur Natural Resource Bond is backed by approximately $80m of security provisions. These security provisions include:

Corporate Guarantees

Share Pledges

Asset Backed Security

Personal Guarantees

Shareholder Guarantees

Steps in Rights

Debtor Book Security

Questions & Answers

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How many Centaur Natural Resources Bonds can I apply for?

As many as you like, up to a maximum of $25,000,000.

What amount is being raised?

We are looking to raise up to $25,000,000. We will start issuing Centaur Natural Resources Bonds once we receive valid subscriptions for at least $500,000.

Who can invest in Centaur Natural Resources Bonds?

Qualified Investors (within the meaning of Section 1 of the Bermuda Stock Exchange Listing Regulations) may subscribe for bonds with a value of $100,000 (or GBP £ equivalent); or less if the Qualified Investor meets one of the suitability tests set out in the Subscription Form.

What return do I receive on my investment and is the interest rate fixed?

The Centaur Natural Resources Bonds III will yield a return of between 6-10% on your investment, depending on the term of the bond that you choose. For example, if you invest $100,000 in a 5 year bond, you will receive $10,000 per annum, totalling $50,000 over the full term.

Is the Centaur Natural Resources Bond suitable for SIPPs and ISAs?

Centaur Natural Resources Bonds are eligible for investment by a UK Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), and for Individual Saving Accounts (ISAs) as the bonds are classed as ‘bonds’ or ‘debt securities’ listed on a ‘recognised stock exchange’ approved by UK HM Revenue & Customs. Should you or your financial advisor have any queries, please contact Centaur for any further information or clarification.

Can I pay by instalments or top up on my holding of Centaur Natural Resources Bonds?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to pay for your Centaur Natural Resources Bonds in instalments, nor can they be topped up unless the Centaur Natural Resources Bond is still open for subscriptions at that time. You can however invest into other Centaur bonds or products, please contact Centaur for further details of investment products available.

How do I get my money out?

The Issuer will repay all Centaur Natural Resources Bonds upon maturity. You will have no right to redeem your Bonds prior to the end of the 3 year fixed term, however the Issuer may, at its option, repay all or part of the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds at any time together with a 2% redemption bonus. The Centaur Natural Resources Bonds are transferable, meaning they can be sold, traded or transferred during the term.

Are the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds transferable?

Yes, the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds are transferable and they can be sold, traded, and/or transferred.

Might I be repaid before maturity?

Under the terms of the Centaur Natural Resources Bond, the Issuer does reserve the right to redeem the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds, with interest and a 2% redemption penalty prior to maturity.

Do I need to discuss the Centaur Natural Resources Bond with a financial advisor?

We strongly recommend that you do seek the advice of an independent financial advisor.

Does holding Centaur Natural Resources Bonds mean I own shares in the company?

No, Centaur Natural Resources Bonds are not convertible into shares and the Bondholder does not have any ownership interest in the company/Issuer.

Can I receive a paper version of the application form?

Yes, if you wish to receive a paper version of the Subscription Form, please contact Centaur.

I would like to buy Centaur Natural Resources Bonds, what do I do now?

Please refer to the ‘How to apply’ section within this document.

Why does the Centaur Group need the money?

The proceeds from the Centaur Natural Resources Bond will be utilised by the Centaur Group to expand current mining operations in South Africa.

Why don’t you raise the money from the banks?

The bank interest rates in South Africa are generally between 8-10% on the South African Rand. Local banks within South Africa generally only lend in South African Rand as South Africa has reserve bank controls on its, and other, currencies. Centaur prefers its funding exposure to be in USD, which reduces the options for traditional bank financing within South Africa and allows Centaur to raise funds from the bond market(s).

What happens if any part of the Centaur Group goes bust?

To protect Bondholders, the Bonds are issued by Centaur Group Finance Ltd (“CGF”) acting in respect of its ‘segregated account’ #1 ‘Centaur Natural Resources Bond’ (the “Issuer”). The Issuer’s only activities will be to issue the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds and repay the interest and capital to Bondholders in accordance with the terms of the Offering Memorandum and Deed Poll.

Centaur Investments is a brand name of Centaur Asset Management Ltd ("CAM").

CAM is a Bermuda exempt company, having its registered office address at Cedar House, 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda. CAM is registered under the Bermuda Companies Act 1981.