Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors

In today’s ever-changing financial landscape, we acknowledge the value that financial advisors bring in helping their clients make sense of what can be a minefield of investment options. A core focus of our business is to work with ethical investment professionals who are looking for innovative products that suit their clients’ needs and requirements.

Over the years we have established a strong network of financial advisors who introduce their clients to Centaur products. These channels are maintained by a team of dedicated professionals who understand that a financial advisor is only as good as the investments he recommends.

A conscientious advisor will first want to check the products stand up to scrutiny before risking his reputation, which is why we always encourage dialogue and invite questions from those conducting due diligence.

Should you wish to enquire about our introducer scheme, or are conducting due diligence on Centaur on behalf of a client, please feel free to contact us.

Centaur bond products

What’s missing from your clients’ pensions or long-term investment plans and can you offer them a fixed income and above average returns?

All Centaur bond products are designed to both compliment and strengthen any existing investment portfolio. With annuity rates threatening pension pots, record numbers of investors are looking to restructure or add to their pension provision.

Centaur products are perfectly placed to facilitate this need. With a team of dedicated account managers, we’re happy to be supplying exceptionally high levels of service to business introducers throughout the Far and Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

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Why Bonds?

Many personal financial advisors recommend that investors maintain a diversified investment portfolio consisting of bonds, stocks/equities/shares and cash in varying percentages, depending upon individual circumstances and objectives.

Bonds can provide a predictable income stream and many people invest in bonds for that frequent interest income and also to preserve their capital investment.

Understanding the role bonds play in a diversified investment portfolio is especially important for retirement planning.

Whatever the purpose – saving for children’s college education or a new home, increasing retirement income or any number of other financial goals – investing in bonds may help your clients achieve their objectives.

Key benefits for introducers

In the crowded market place of investment products Centaur understands the need to create innovative investment products that satisfy their client investment requirements

The only ‘monthly coupon bonds’ on the market today

Zero volatility

Bonds listed on Bermuda Stock Exchange

Bermuda Stock Exchange is a HMRC ‘recognised stock exchange’ meaning Centaur bonds are eligible for investment via QROPS, SIPP, SSAS, or portfolio bond type ‘wrappers’

Bonds are fully transferable and can be sold or transferred during the term if required

Full marketing report

Simplistic structure – easy to understand

The product suits most nationalities with the exception of US investors

Weekly commission payments to introducers (after bond closes)

Funds administered by 3rd party administrator

Centaur Fund Products

What’s missing from your clients’ pensions or long-term investment plans?

‘Phoenix Funds’ is the brand name for a series of investment funds which are managed or advised by Centaur Asset Management Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur. Centaur Asset Management Ltd is the ‘boutique’ asset management and investment advisory division of the Centaur Group, providing investment solutions for individuals, advisors, fund sub-advisory clients and institutions.

Can you offer them capital protection and above average capital growth?

why_fundsCentaur’s flagship fund is the Phoenix Legal Financing Fund I, a capital protected mutual fund, which has bestowed several awards to date including “Most Innovative Hedge Fund –Bermuda” at the 2015 Hedge Fund Awards.

Why Funds?

Investing in funds is the route often recommended to investors by financial advisors. Picking individual shares means investors need to do plenty of research and spread risk carefully, whereas buying a fund allows investors to pool their money with others to access a range of investments and avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. Funds can provide capital growth and many people invest in funds to preserve their capital investment whilst achieving capital growth and diversifying their investment portfolio.

Bespoke Investment Products

Centaur works with clients who meet our minimum investment criteria to help them achieve their financial goals. This could be sector specific, return specific, risk specific, instrument specific or any variance of these or other requirements.

Reasons clients invest in Centaur products

Size of investments into Centaur products:

How old are Centaur’s clients?

Becoming an introducer

To become an introducer of Centaur investment products follow 3 easy steps:


Contact Centaur


Complete the introducer application form and supply your KYC


Once your application is approved, start introducing business

Centaur Investments is a brand name of Centaur Asset Management Ltd ("CAM").

CAM is a Bermuda exempt company, having its registered office address at Cedar House, 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda. CAM is registered under the Bermuda Companies Act 1981.